Cause erectile dysfunction

What can cause erectile dysfunction in a young man?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most familiar problems related to male sexual health and increasing rapidly in men. It is an obvious fact that every single man has to face the erectile dysfunction in life at any stage whether in young age or the middle age. There can be many other factors of that boost up the problem but ageing is one of the most considered factors that makes it encountered. But, according to the recent studies, it is widely observed that young men are also facing the problem of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation on a massive level. Although they are in their young age but having these challenges with their sexual life and that is alarming for them.

Commonly, most of the young men get shocked or panicked with the situation as for them this all is new and they cannot digest it in the beginning. Most importantly, in our society, the acceptance of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation as a medical problem is not common. If a person is not able to ejaculate with a good time spam or having a problem with instant erection is considered to be impotent. Although these are the signs of impotence there is a fine line between everything that makes things and situation different. It is very much important for the people to understand the severity of the problem and then look for the treatments and causes. There can be some of the very common and basic factors that can cause the increasing ED rate in young men at large.

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1. Cause erectile dysfunction – Too much of smoke

Smoking is injurious to health, this is a message that is distributed worldwide and a number of campaigns are running over the cause. But, on the other hand among the adults and young men, the trend of smoking is expanding to the ultimate stage. Although every year a number of causalities along with the cases of severe illness are registered to the hospitals and this data is shared publically. But, the number of smokers is not decreasing, in fact, things are getting worse with the passage of time. For men, it is important to understand that smoking s not just affecting the lungs, liver or blood cells but it also affects many other organs and creating some of the diversified problems to the human body. Erectile dysfunction is one of those ultimate problems a person could face in the result of massive and chain smoking. It is important for the young men to quit their making habit for a healthy and successful sex life. Due to the smoke, the internal functions of the body get affected and most importantly the blood flow in the vessels is not smooth that not let the penis to get the enough of the supply for the consistent erection.

2. Cause erectile dysfunction – Over the booze

Drinking seems to be the common habit of the youth these days that attracts them to the ultimate level. Drinking in young men is not just for having a good time with friends but a sign of ultimate manhood that defines them to be strong and competent. Most of the time in order to get relaxed and get some of the fun time men use to drink over the limit. Booze beyond the limit does nothing but simply affect their health badly. Commonly, it is specified that drinking can affect the liver only but it does have the diverse effects on brain as well. The effect of alcohol on brain leads the things towards the erectile dysfunction that cause a major problem in young men. Too much of alcohol makes the brain unable to respond to the things effectively and take a good control over the body functions. Erection and sexual arousal are all about the brain activity and it is important for a man to keep his brain in a relaxed manner.

3. Cause erectile dysfunction – Performance anxiety

Another reason of erectile dysfunction in a young man is the performance anxiety. It commonly happens with the younger men that when they are going to have a physical intimacy they went through the anxiety and pressure. At this time the most important thing that is going through their mind is their performance and impression on their partner. It is very much important for them to make their partner satisfied and achieve the ultimate satisfaction during and after the physical intercourse. This actually makes things a little tough for them and put a pressure on the brain that sometimes causes a poor erection or the penis. In this condition the person is not required to be worried or take any medicine, in fact, all the person need is the time. With the passage of time, the person could get over the problem and lead a better sexual life.

4. Cause erectile dysfunction – Ultimately enhanced fats in the body

Obesity and too much body fat is the other reason of erectile dysfunction in young man. If a person is getting overweight as compared to age then he is having some other weight-related problems as well. Ultimately in the growing problems, erectile dysfunction can be the one that will cost a great loss to the person. It is really important for young men to keep their body active, fit and weight in proper control.

5. Cause erectile dysfunction – Other medical challenges

It is not always necessary for younger men with poor lifestyle habits to get encountered with the erectile dysfunction. In fact, the person who is having some kind of other medical challenges or getting treated for some major problems could face some signs of erectile dysfunction in general. Mostly, the person with diabetes, heart-related problems, hypertension, breathing issues, kidney problems and many other of the same type could face the ED. It is not necessary that erectile dysfunction will be a permanent or long time in their case, in fact, they can face some of the symptoms of the problems sometimes. Although young men are facing the problems of ED there is a wide scope for them to get treated for the problem. It is not necessary that they should get some kind of proper treatment, sometimes all they need is to avoid harmful activities and they will get improvement in condition.